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As an author, marketing professional and brand builder, I knew firsthand that stories are a powerful accelerant in the marketplace – driving new product sales, propelling the adoption of new ideas, and attracting support and resources to worthy projects and causes.

In over a decade of studying story, I realized that most books, workshops and training programs on storytelling are designed for screenwriters, teachers and authors – not business people.  So, I gathered a diverse team of partners and allies to create training and tools to harness the power of story in both high-stakes presentations and daily business communication.


We did our homework and discovered over 1,000 pieces of primary research on how our brains respond to stories – rich data just waiting to be mined through a business lens.

about-brainWith over 50 years of practical business experience and three solid years of research, building and testing, we created one of the first science-based story training programs for business people. We worked in partnership with a generous group of Fortune 500 clients, non-profits, small business owners and thought-leaders to shape and refine our program.

Our goal was to create training that transformed jargon-spouting sales people and bland data-driven leaders into influential storytellers like Steve Jobs. We discovered that the brain research had powerful and tangible applications for business communications – and the research informed a new set of story-based solutions. We captured our insights in the free e-book, StoryJuice: How Ideas Spread and Brands Grow.

Our most exciting contribution to the “story world” has been a science-based set of narrative building tools that we use in our workshops and executive coaching to help influencers enhance their daily communication. Today, our curriculum, training and tools are used by many of the world’s most inspiring brands and are taught in MBA programs at top institutions, including Stanford University.

Reach Group Consulting

REACH GROUP teaches leaders and brand builders how to harness the power of story to shape beliefs, change minds and inspire people to action.

Story capped-u

Story U is Reach Group’s training division. Our lively interactive training sessions are grounded in powerful brain science and equip you with strategies and practical story-building tools. We teach story skills through full and half-day workshops, executive coaching, and keynotes. Our curriculum is tailored for business people, including executives and their teams, sales staff, entrepreneurs, fundraisers, and change agents of all kinds.


In every industry, the brand that tells the most compelling story – wins. Reach Group’s story strategy process is a proven, science-based methodology that positions brands to achieve game-changing leadership in their industry. Our consulting services examine your brand through a story lens and identify opportunities to gain emotional leverage with your customers and momentum against your competitors.

We would love to talk about your opportunities and share more about our products and process. Email us to set up a phone conversation. We’re always happy to connect.

Lisa Johnson

Internationally recognized author, thought leader and story strategist, Lisa Johnson has been a pioneer in the field of marketing and consumer insights for the past 20+ years.

As Reach Group’s Chief Storyteller, Lisa equips organizations to accelerate their growth by applying the latest storytelling techniques to common business challenges – including leadership, sales, innovation and marketing communications.

Lisa has a special talent for recognizing and translating emerging cultural shifts into actionable strategies. She has worked with many of the world’s most admired brands including Nike, Ketchum, Starbucks, Disney, Microsoft, Motorola, Kohler, L’Oreal, Meredith Corporation, and Giant Bicycles.

Her marketing concepts have appeared in Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, the New York Times Magazine, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, and on NPR’s “Marketplace” and “All Things Considered.”


Marisa Tam

Marisa is a Partner and Presentation Whisperer at Story U. Prior to working at Story U, Marisa spent 6 years at Google.

Her role at Google was as a presentation coach and trainer where she acted as a consultant helping Google employees & external speakers build cohesive and captivating stories that engage and educate audiences. Her responsibilities included writing speeches and creating presentations for senior leaders in the Google’s European Headquarter. She also lead all aspects of external customer events in the Dublin office event space called “The Foundry”. The events drew attendees from all over Europe, Middle East and Africa with over 3,000 attendees each year. As a result of her role, Marisa has helped hundreds of Googlers and external speakers create more compelling and memorable presentations.

During her time at Google, Marisa also created a training program for a select group of Google employees called the “Dublin Speakers Bureau” that helped develop them into world-class presenters who are masters in storytelling, presentation design and delivery. The idea for the program has been rolled out globally to offices at Google.